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In the late 1980’s NASA were undergoing research into a material that would not only provide excellent comfort, but could protect Astronauts from the strain of lift off and landings. Out of this meticulous process rose the Tempur mattress.

Dedicated to altering our perceptions of what a mattress can do; Tempur create temperature sensitive beds, which instantly relieve pressure within your muscles and dynamically change shape to fit your body using an advanced, open cell viscoelastic core. The shock absorbent material used within Tempur’s mattresses gently counteracts even microscopic movements throughout the night, creating a peaceful sleep for you and your partner. You only have to lie on a Tempur mattress once to realise it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before, and with numerous therapeutic applications it guarantee’s a healthier more natural sleep. Tempur are relatively young for a bed manufacturer, but after spreading to over 80 countries since 1992 you can rest assured they’re here to stay.

Tempur Certified by NASA
Tempur Adjustable Bed

Weightless Sleep

Being born from it themselves, Tempur place innovation at the heart of what they do. Their teams of sleep scientists and engineers strive constantly to pioneer cutting edge technology and create the finest mattresses. From research and development, to generating new materials and meticulously testing each and every product they produce it’s easy to see why Tempur are world renowned for quality and reliability.

Tempur’s viscoelastic material is highly temperature sensitive, designed to provide support and comfort at room temperature, and then soften with your body’s heat and adapt to your natural shape and contours. The cell structure of Tempur material works very differently to a sprung mattress, and rather than taking the energy of your body and reverberating it back like a spring, the viscoelastic core simply absorbs the pressure and returns gently to its resting position, meaning you can find a comfortable position just as soon as you lie down.

Tempur at Lenleys

Here at Lenleys we’ve stocked Tempur mattresses proudly for the past 15 years. Our team of bed experts all have decades of knowledge in the industry and are factory trained by Tempur, to understand the ins and outs of what makes a space age mattress. We try our best to maintain complete transparency between our website and our store, so if you see something you like then feel free to visit our wonderful Canterbury showroom and try it out for yourself. In store we can talk you through the customisable options available from Tempur and ensure your bed is exactly the right fit for your body and your home.



Tempur Contour

Experience the original Tempur feel, based on the core benefits that shot Tempur to success in the early 90’s. A firmer feel, ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their back or front. Available in a range of heights, and all standard UK sizes.


Tempur Cloud

Sink through the luxurious Tempur ‘Extra Soft’ surface material, and let the material cushion your body, finding a second layer of firmer support beneath. Ideal for those who like to sleep on their side, The Cloud is available in all UK sizes.


Tempur Sensation

A perfect blend of weightless comfort and the responsive bounce of a sprung mattress. The sensation mattress is ideal for those who switch position regularly and want more freedom of movement, and a traditional mattress feel.


Tempur Hybrid

All of the benefits of Tempur’s innovative viscoelastic technology coupled with state of the art precision micro coils. The resulting combination provides a responsive foundation, luxurious surface comfort and unparalleled support.

Convenient Technology

Tempur Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Keep Your Bed Fresh

Tempur’s innovation doesn’t stop when it comes to comfort, they have a range of new convenient features to make caring for your mattress much easier. The Tempur Hybrid mattress features an unzip-able mattress cover, so you can simply remove it in less than a minute and machine wash to its original freshness. For other mattresses try the Tempur-Fit mattress protector, which uses a breathable waterproof membrane to keep your bed fresh and clean. Tempur-Fit is so comfortable you can sleep directly on top of it without a sheet, or alternatively use it with your usual bed linen. Tempur-Fit is ideal for sensitive skin.

Tempur Hybrid Luxe

Easy to wash unzippable bed cover

Tempur Hybrid

In their constant efforts to innovate, and pioneer new sleep technology, the engineers at Tempur have concocted the ideal blend of old and new. Taking Tempur’s patented viscoelastic core material and combining it with traditional pocket springs to create a hybrid technology unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. Tempur’s viscoelastic material works to eliminate unwanted motion and allow you to quickly find a comfortable position where you can feel supported and relaxed, however this also reduces the responsiveness of the mattress.

For those used to pocket sprung mattresses with their bounce and sensitivity to movement the transition to Tempur can be an odd experience, but ultimately rewarding after some adjustment time. To help bridge the gap between futuristic and traditional the Tempur engineers set their sights on a hybrid mattress. The result is a dedicated, responsive base of 45mn cold drawn steel pocket springs, individually encased and fixed to allow for maximum range of independent movement, sat below layers of Tempur’s deep comfort, viscoelastic material. The finished mattress provides a luxuriously soft cushion surface, a beautifully styled exterior, and a responsive base that adjusts instantly to your body’s movements, adding support, control and comfort.

Customer Reviews

Tempur Testimonials

Just take a look at what Tempur customers had to say regarding their first experience sleeping in a Tempur bed. It's clear to see how much a good, well suited mattress can affect your sleep and your quality of life.

Tempur Customer Testimonials

Bed Options

Finding the right foundation for your mattress can be a tricky endeavour, and that’s why Tempur produce a wonderful range of bedstead aimed specifically to give the support and flexibility a mattress of this calibre needs. Everyone has a different lifestyle and a different home, and this has been taken in to great consideration by the engineers at Tempur.

If bedroom space is tight, Tempur have concocted some fantastic storage solutions to optimise your space. If you want more flexibility, why not take a look at the Tempur adjustable beds, and operate your height and position easily by use of remote control. All Tempur bedsteads are available in a range of fine, coloured upholstery for you to choose from.

Tempur Genoa Bestead

Static Bedstead

Fashionable, contemporary designs that offer a beautiful foundation for any Tempur mattresses, finished with stunning, fine fabrics and modern leg options.

Tempur Moulton adjustable electric bed

Electric Adjustable

Power at your fingertips, multi-point adjustable bed collection, for those who like to be in control. Massage system available for an added touch of luxury.

Tempur Moulton electric ottoman bed

Electric Ottoman

Maximise bed storage space, all at the touch of a button. empurs electric ottoman base collection, now available in a fabulous selection of sizes and colours.

10 Year Guarantee

In Lenleys we strive to help our customers find the ideal bed for their body and their lifestyle, and help them buy in complete confidence. Tempur offer a 10 year guarantee on all mattresses, toppers, protectors and beds (excluding motors). This means you can purchase knowing that you’re covered for any issues that may arise over your beds lifetime.

Tempur spend countless hours testing their mattresses to ensure they can surpass 10 years of constant use without even a 5% decrease in height. They do this by compressing each mattress up to 80,000 times, simulating its entire lifespan, and then analysing its structure afterwards to obtain the vital information. Due to Tempur mattresses’ dense, viscoelastic cell structure they contain only microscopic pockets of air, meaning there is limited ability for the mattress to sag or deflate over its lifetime.

For full details of the Tempur Guarantee offered on all products, please click here

10 Year Guarantee Tempur


One item that can be easily forgotten when it comes to assembling your new bedroom is the pillow. To provide support for your neck, head and upper back it’s important your pillows provide a comfortable foundation at the perfect height. Finding this height will help align your spine throughout the night. At Lenleys we’ve chosen a range of standard size Tempur pillows that we believe offer the ideal option no matter what you’re searching for, whether it’s soft comfort or firm support.

Each Tempur pillow features its own removable/washable fabric cover and can be slept directly on, or used with your favourite linen. Its’ important to test out your new mattress with a pillow you find comfortable and supportive, this will help you gain an accurate insight into how you’ll sleep for the next 8-10 years, not a decision to make lightly.

Comfort Pillow Original

Tempur Pillow Original

This patented TEMPUR envelope contains thousands of micro-cushions. Like a tradition pillow you can fluff the Comfort Pillow Original just the way you like it. Your favourite bed linen will also fit, as they are a standard pillow case size.

Ergonomic Pillow

Tempur Ergonomic Pillow

Filled with specially developed TEMPUR material particles, this pillow is ideal for back or side sleepers and helps to keep your spine alligned as you rest. Designed by Tempur experts for optimal neck and spine support.

Comfort Pillow Cloud

Comfort Pillow Cloud

TEMPUR Extra Soft material, creating a Pillow Cloud, balancing wonderful softness, yet retaining supportive and dreamy feeling you’ll just love to curl up with at night. The Cloud pillow is ideal those who sleep on their back or front.

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