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Contemporary furniture that is beautifully designed with super clean lines for a modern stylish look that creates an air of class, using some of the most fashionable fabrics on the market today. The Sits team includes a host of world renowned designers, resulting in some of the sharpest designs around today.

At Sits they have really thought about what is important for customers today and what they really need from seating solutions. For instance in the design portfolio you will find sofas and chairs that have really well proportioned seats, arms and feet. What is really impressive, is there ability to use the minimum sizing and yet create, superbly comfortable seats that have the maximum sitting space, a seriously great attribute for any seating options, particularly given room sizes are smaller than ever these days. Having said this about sizing, Sits also produce larger scale sofas with deep luxury seats, which means if you are seeking out modern contemporary furniture thats is well made, in beautifully styles, with a vast range of soft fabric colours to select from, then Sits is ideal.

Sits Brandon
Sits Antares

Is Design Everything?

We may not always notice as we whizz through life with our busy lifestyles, but design is all around us. Occasionally something catches your eye and causes you to stop and take a moment to inspect it more closely, it could be, unusual, awful, interesting or absolutely stunning.

At Sits there eight strong design team all come with quite varied backgrounds, which provides a rich diversity that blends together and inspires utterly remarkable designs. Niels Gammelgaard is from Copenhagen having studied industrial design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, his designs are well respected as well as being appreciated by consumers purchasing habits, making these products best sellers. Niels sums up his commitment “Future design for me is a response to changing living conditions and new materials.”

To view the collection visit Lenleys in store in the heart of Canterbury, the Sits collection looks stunning and truly epitomises modern day living.

Sofa Ranges


Sits Brandon

A perfect balance of modern simplistic styling and classic deep comfort. The minimal modular design allows for any combination you'd like, whether it's a single or double corner group, chaise, 2 seater, 3 seater or any other requirement.


Sits Quattro

Taking modular a step further; the Quattro provides sleek, ultra modern looks with the flexibility to create any style you want. Choices include: 4 different arm rests, cushion sizes, 8 wooden or metal feet options, newspaper holders, neckrests and much more.


Sits Sara

The laidback comfort of the Sara range is a sure favourite for Sits. The calm, beach-house attitude is inviting and versatile. Whether the Sara is sat in a contemporary loft space, elegant conservatory or summer veranda it feels right at home. In any size you want.


Sits Tokyo

Tokyo provides all the style and freshness of a modern sofa with an unexpected level of comfort. The thin contemporary base and slim stature suggest it might not be a sofa to sink into, however the luxurious, generously feather filled cushions beg to differ.


Sits Brandon

The Viktoria is the ultimate in Sits comfort. A smart combination of feather, silicon balls and polyurethane foam ensures a sofa that is not only incredibly comfortable, but that maintains it's shape and actively keeps it's down interior plump and well shaped.


Sits Quattro

The Julia is an incredible feat of upholstery design. Available in a variety of original shapes and sizes, you have complete control. It's contemporary style, paired with it's deep, luxurious comfort makes the Sits Julia range a fantastic choice for any modern home.

Online to Instore at Lenleys

Maintaining a clear transparency between our website, sales team and showroom display, is very important for customers and Lenleys. These days buying online after visiting a store, can be quite disconnected. If you are happy dealing with a particular member of our sales team in-store, you can carry this relationship on, via our website. When you reach the checkout stage, there is an option to select the member of staff you dealt within-store, meaning you can continue that association, ensuring continuity of our personal service.

Engineered for everyday use

Furniture should be designed to last, after all, it is not an everyday purchase. At the Sits factory, using quality materials comes as standard, the clever bit is in the assembly. Before you can build any furniture you need a design, once this is in place, patterns are created and models are made. These models provide an in-sight as to what component parts will be required and they offer a chance for the frame makers to engineer a frame that will not only suit the shape, but also be strongly constructed to support all the filling and covers. Well that's how it used to be done. These days a more complexed and accurate high-tec approach is available with computer software. The designers now produce 3D visuals which are rendered for patterning, components and strength testing. This gives designers opportunities to adjust and tweak multiple elements to ensure the final product can withstand daily use, while retaining it’s stylish demeanour.

Sits Sofa
Sits Sara Corner Group


Often colour, pattern or weave will play an important role in the decision making process, when you are researching furniture for the home. At Sits, they have a huge collection of soft coverings available for the main frame and accents. All these fabrics when sold in the UK will be fully complaint with the very latest fire retardant requirements. The fabrics are broken down into ranges of price categories which allows you to discover colour at the most suitable price point. Because of the vast selection of colour ways it pretty much impossible to hold every single option in stock, inevitably this leads to longer ordering time. Please allow around 7-9wks or in seasonal holiday periods 10-12wks for delivery.


If soft covering is not for you, then Sits has an excellent leather colour pallet, ideal if you enjoy the natural soft touch of good quality leather and of course the added bonus of leather is that it’s relatively easy to maintain, while being considerably more durable.

Lenleys Research

At Lenleys, like most good retailers, we not only visit trade shows to discover stunning new products, but before we purchase anything for our Canterbury showroom, we make time to visit the factory were the products are produced. We like to do this for our peace of mind as well as being responsible towards the ongoing chain, i.e. to you, the public. We will not buy or sell any products that is not fully compliant with UK regulations or from a company that ignores human rights, meaning shopping with Lenleys can be be done with confidence and good conscience.