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ROM have pioneered a new approach to bespoke furniture design, combining style, practicality and freedom of design, and giving you complete control. All ROM furniture is built exactly to customer specification, available in endless colours, fabrics, leathers and size increments to ensure you get exactly what you need.

ROM first appeared in 1961 in Eupen, Belgium, and in Furniture terms they’re younger than most. The company’s foundations rest on a progressive ethos, and ROM are constantly adjusting to people’s needs, never allowing their designs or ideas to stagnate. This philosophy is what has driven ROM to becoming one of the World’s most innovative and unique furniture manufacturers.

If you’re looking for furniture that can be customised to your homes style, size and function then look no further than ROM. Use the configurator App at Lenleys showroom, and let one of our furniture experts help you design your perfect seating.

Rom Bellona

ROM Exploded

Right for you

When you’re faced with the flexibility and choice of a company such as ROM it’s important that you use it to your full advantage. To do this we recommend spending some time analysing your home and your room, and thinking about exactly what it is you need from your furniture.

First of all measure your room, ensure you know the space you have. Open the doors, cupboards and drawers and work out the clearance you’d like between them and your seating. Secondly think of what shape you would work best with your space, do you want two sofas, and the freedom to move them around? Would you prefer a corner group and the extra seating space? There is much to think about. A good idea is to take a photograph of your room from at least two angles, and bring it along to Lenleys, where our furniture experts will be happy to give you advice, and further ensure the seating you choose is right for your space.

Lastly, how do you use the room? For some flexibility is important, would adjustable headrests, seat depth and electric recliner come in handy? For some style is key, should you match colours and woods with the scheme of your room? Take some time to list down exactly what you need, to fit your lifestyle.

Sofa Ranges


ROM Bellona

The Bellona sofa range is a beautiful modular collection, available in a number of intelligent configurations, and 20cm increments to ensure it fits perfectly for you. Comes in a choice of 2 fillings, Fifty5 foam or Boxspring+ pocket spring and foam combination. Available with all other ROM options.


ROM Deimos

The Deimos range is fully customisable, available as part of ROM’s 20cm concept, the size is up to you. The perfect balance between style and function the Deimos is available with power recliners and adjustable seat depth. Choose fine leather or fabric and select your own ideal leg height.


ROM Themis

The Themis sofa range is a beautiful made to measure collection that exudes simple, contemporary design and style. Design your own individual seating, and select from power recliners to adjustable seat depth and built in battery. Choose from luxury fabrics and leathers and customise exactly how you want.


ROM Turnay

If you're looking for full customisation, luxurious comfort and a high back design the Ternay is ideal for you. Choose from luxurious leather or fabric covers, foot finish, shape, size and much more. The Ternay is available to view in store, where you can design your own ideal sofa to fit perfectly within your home.


ROM Romano

The Romano range from ROM is the perfect mix of comfort and style. A beautiful slim profile, complete bespoke options and new integrated intelligent features make the Romano stand out from the crowd. You have complete control over material, size, finish, armrests shape, back cushion style, built in gadgets and more.


ROM sofas are of a modular construction, this means the engineers at ROM have designed the components specifically so that you can mix and match different configurations until you find just what you need. A left side corner group? A right side chaise? An extra 20cm width? Electrically controlled seat depth and head rests? The possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve chosen your range, and designed the shape of your sofa or chair, next is to add the stylings. Choose from vast arrays of fine leathers and soft luxurious fabrics. ROM leather furniture is internally laminated with layers of fleece, this is to reduce the elasticity of the leather and limit the forming of fold lines or sagging. Mix your colours, adjust your colour scheme, and add contrast stitching for that extra wow factor. Lastly select you’re the feet or base you’d like, from ROM’s generous catalogue, for that all important finishing touch.

In Store Only

Due to the bespoke nature of ROM, you will only find a small selection of their products on our website. However in our wonderful Canterbury showroom you will have access to the entire ROM catalogue, where you can use our iPad configurator to design and price up your perfect seating. It’s as simple as using a smartphone, but if you need help, as always our furniture experts are more than happy to help.

Please feel free to bring measurements and photos of your room along with you, the more information you have, the better we can help design you exactly what you want.

Chair Ranges


ROM Tokyo

The ultimate in individual comfort. Sit back and relax in the wonderful Twist chair from ROM, turn 360° on the swivel base and comfortably recline from upright to 130° in one simple movement. The stylishly discreet, adjustable foot and leg rest, is concealed within the seat, keeping the design simple yet sophisticated.


ROM Pepe

The Pepe is a stylish, deep comfort, swivel armchair with an adjustable headrest. The Pepe can spin 360° and is paired with the Pepe stool (sold separately) for the perfect reclining duo. The chair features a useful side pocket for your tablet, book or television remote, so everything is within arm’s reach.


ROM Tango

The Tango is a simplistic, elegant armchair available in two different designs. Choose from a wide range of leather or fabric finishes, with contrast stitching or a two tone colour design. The Tango chair is available with a fixed or swivel base, and you can choose from a wide variety of finishes.

iROM Configurator

With all the options and the endless versatility offered by ROM it can be a little overwhelming, and hard to visualise just what it is you’re buying. To help ROM have created the iROM application. iRom is a 3D imaging and design tool that allows you, via iPad, to virtually build your ideal sofa or chair. It provides an accurate visualisation of exactly how your seating will look, provides you with custom dimensions, and instantly provides you with bespoke pricing.

At Lenleys you can test our real life ROM sofas and chairs and get a feel for the quality, finish and comfort. Then once you’ve decided on a range that you like, together with one of our furniture experts, and the measurements you’ve taken at home, you can use the iROM Configurator to shape the sofa to your exact needs. All ROM sofas are available in increments of 20cm, so you can go as small or as large as you’d like, no more wasted space in your home. You can add armrests, chaise elements, adjustable headrests, electronically controlled seat depth, power recliners and foot rests. When it comes to style, simply drag and drop fabrics and leathers on to your bespoke model and see how it looks in real time, alter the feet, the cushion filling and much more.

If you want stylish, luxury furniture, designed by you, for you then look no further than ROM. All ROM furniture is subject to stringent quality control and testing, and only the finest product leaves their Belgian manufacturing facility. Their sofas and chairs exude sleek, high fashion style but at their core they have quality, time tested craftsmanship that ensures your bespoke seating provides lasting support and comfort.

ROM Configurator

Smart Furniture

ROM Antiqua Smoke
ROM Themis Sofa Bed Vario

Available for every seat surface in the ROM sofa collection, Vario allows you to adjust the depth of your seat by up to 30%. So if you want to sink back in your seat or perhaps take a nap Vario allows you to find the perfect depth, whatever the occasion.


Available as an individual option on every seat in the sofa collection, even corner seats, Zen provides smooth, electronic control to your headrest. Via simple controls you can adjust your sofa from a casual, stylish low back perfect for entertaining and open plan homes, in to a comfortable, supportive high back, ideal for relaxing, reading or watching television.


Electronically controlled recliner seating. The smooth, silent motor system inside the ROM RELAX system allows you to easily adjust your seating and use the far-reaching electronically controlled footrest to fully stretch out in comfort.

Sofa Beds

Why not add a beautifully concealed sofa bed to your ROM seating? Save space in your home and always be ready for those last minute house guests. No need to compromise on style and comfort when it comes to convenience.

Smartphone Controlled Furniture

ROM Aladin App Logo

Imagine what it would be like if your sofa remembered all of your favourite seating positions. How you like to sit when you’re reading, when you’re watching a film, when you’re working or browsing the internet on your tablet. ROM took this very notion and created a Smart Device app to do just that.

Using your smart phone or tablet, you can download the brilliant Aladin application and begin using the simple controls log your favourite 5 positions. Each seat on your sofa can be registered to a different person and therefore every can store their favourite positions, without any arguments. Once you’ve logged your favourite positions you no longer need your smart device to control it, your sofa will store these positions in its local memory and allow you to access them using discreet, stylish buttons positioned on the side of each sofa cushion.

No longer will you have to sit and fiddle with buttons and remote controls every time you sit down, just to find a comfortable position. Let the sofa do the hard work and simply relax in to your favourite position again and again.

ROM Aladin Application

Bespoke Home Cinemas

ROM Bellona Home Cinema
ROM Bellona Home Cinema Arm

Entertainment Centre

Have you ever dreamt of having your own home cinema? A place to immerse yourself in film, sport, gaming and much more? Then look no further than ROM. You can now design your own, ultra-stylish home cinema easily and accurately. ROM’s flexible design system allows you complete control in the construction.

As you can see in the photo to left, you can add numerous seats, adjust seat width, and add adjustable seat depth, recliners and electric head rests. You can have heated seats, hidden phone and tablet chargers, armrests that flip up to reveal convenient drink and snack tables and built in high quality, surround sound systems with stylish hidden trunking.

Let every member of the family use the Aladin application on their smartphone and easily program their favourite seating positions for the ultimate cinema experience. Like all ROM sofas you have the choice of high quality fabrics or excellent, hand selected leathers to choose from. You can add contrast stitching for a bold, fashionable look, choose from a wide range of leg materials and wood stains, add accessories and even alter the colour of the concealed side tables.

For the ultimate home cinema experience, destined to be the envy of all house guests please visit us at Lenleys, Canterbury. Our furniture experts have been factory trained by ROM and can help you in finding exactly what you’re looking for.

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