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The comfort of indoors, outdoors. Discover luxury, bespoke awnings from Markilux. The perfect addition to any outdoor space.

If you are looking to extend your living space, then look no further than a Markilux awning. These custom fitted awnings provide you with style and function. With a variety of awnings to suit your individual garden, grand or compact, our awnings provide shade, privacy and a touch of class allowing you to extend your living space outside into a place to relax and unwind.

Markilux is the market leader in Germany for awnings production and is a family-run company that has been manufacturing awnings since 1972. They represent innovation, quality and expertise with a company motto “There is nothing that cannot be improved”.

Patio and balconies have become another living room and with the addition of a made-to-measure awning you can not only regulate your exposure to the sun but it also creates a unique atmosphere with an outstanding degree of comfort. The possibility of extra accessories and options, means you can enjoy your outside space from dawn till dusk.

Markilux Awning at Night with Spotlights

Bespoke Awnings

Markilux design and produce every part of their highly durable, light and creative frameworks and mechanisms in house. There are awnings to suit all types of spaces from balconies and conservatories, to open spaces in the middle of your garden. Almost nothing is impossible.

With over 250 cover patterns to choose from in a huge range of colours and patterns you will certainly be able to find the right style to suit your home. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or something more traditional Markilux has it all.

The creative engineers at Markilux have spent decades developing innovative solutions and extras that help you create your ideal smart awning. Take a look at the additional extras below, and marvel at the depth of detail Markilux have gone to, to ensure all your needs are met.

Smart Awnings

Markilux have developed multiple options and extras for their awnings. These intelligent extras have only one purpose: to make your time under your Markilux awning as comfortable and secure as possible.

Shade Plus

Markilux Shade Plus for Awnings

Shadeplus allows you to block out the blinding rays of sunlight or prying eyes and enjoy the warmth of the day through into the evening. An additional awning cover drops from the front profile creating the perfect protection from the sun and a wonderful, private outdoor living area.

LED Spotlights

Markilux LED spotlights

LED Spotlights create a striking atmosphere under your awning meaning you can entertain as late as you like. This low energy solution can provide up to 20,000 hours of light per unit.

Infra Red

Markilux Infra Red Heater

Make evenings last longer with the pleasant warmth of the infra-red heater. The infra-red-heater is waterproof and housed in a sleek, powder coated alluminium casing. It can save up to 30% in energy compared with conventional, gas heaters, and comes with an optional remote control.

Sun & Wind Sensor

Markilux Sun and Wind Sensor

This sensor allows you to lean back and relax in the knowledge your markilux awning will react to any and every change in the weather. The automatic sensors extend the awning when the sun comes out and retract it when the wind is too strong. A rain sensor can be included as an optional extra.


Markilux Hotspot Awning Heater

Warmth and light in a stylish combination, with 4 halogen spotlights and 2 infra-red heaters. The Markilux Hotspot ensures a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere whatever the temperature.


Markilux Vibrabox

This small and intelligent, battery powered box can control the awning depending on the wind. If the wind becomes too strong the vibrabox can make the radio-controlled motor-driven awning retract, protecting it from damage.

Remote Control

Markilux Remote Control for Awning Systems

A radio-controlled motor means your awning will react at the press of a button. Optional lights and extras can be added as additional functionality to your remote control.


Markilux Sunis Solar Powered Sun Sensor

This solar powered sensor can be mounted on any wall and will help your awning react to sunlight. It sends out a signal to extend or retract your awning depending on the weather.

Spotline LED

Markilux Spotline LED lights

The Spotline LED with swivelling LED spotlights is housed in powder-coated aluminium. Brightness can be dimmed and the colour temperature adjusted from soft white to daylight white. It is available in three different lengths with 2, 3 or 5 spotlights.

German Engineering

Markilux are one of the largest and most renowned German manufacturers of retractable and folding-arm awnings and awning fabrics. For more than a quarter of a century they have been making sure that life on the balcony and the patio is made even more enjoyable. Their wealth of knowledge in technical design engineering and textiles provides a comprehensive range of contemporary and traditional awnings that offer solutions to all requirements. Annually they manufacture over 55,000 retractable awnings, retractable canopies, window awnings and exterior solar screens.

Markilux awnings pride themselves on being the best quality and their products are designed to last. Safety and dependable functionality are paramount, with independent external auditors certifying the range for your safety. They use engineered polyester fabrics for the awning covers, this high-tech fabric possesses a silky transparency, giving shade with an intense and colourful luminosity and they are exceptionally weatherproof and UV resistant.

Bionic Tendon

The markilux folding arms either use internal springs or gas pistons to tension themselves. In some models the bionic tendon is used. This innovative bionic tendon was developed by Markilux to provide friction free, rustproof and virtually noiseless arm movement.

Markilux German Engineered Technology

Markilux at Home

Luxury Markilux Awning In A Beautiful Garden

Although a Markilux awning can’t guarantee you sunshine everyday, their range of awnings will certainly mean you can spend much longer in your garden with no need to worry about overcast skies or chilly evenings. Then when the sun does come out you can relax under your awning in the knowledge that you are protected.

By adding a Markilux awning to your garden, terrace or balcony, you can create an added valuable outdoor area, extending your living space as well as allowing you to spend more time in the garden or outdoors and creating an alfresco dining area.

Innovation and Award Winning

With the company moto, “There is nothing that cannot be improved”, Markilux illustrate their desire to remain a market leader in their sector. Through continual developments from small adjustments to brand new concepts you can rest assured that a Markilux awning will be the best you can get.

They are continually recognised in the industry and have held many awards that identify their innovation and design skills. From the reddot design award to the Plus X Best Product of the Year Award.


Our soft furnishings department have access to the entire Markliux catalogue and we can work with you to find exactly what you need and customise your awnings perfectly for your home. All our fitters are trained specially by Markilux to ensure only the highest levels of workmanship, and to top it off there's a 5 year Guarantee on all Markilux products we fit. Take a look at the ranges below, this is just a snippet of our offering. If you'd like to speak to a member of staff regarding our Markilux offering please call the number at the top or bottom of this page.


Markilux Plant Awning Next To Swimming Pool

With its unique look the Planet awning is the ideal design feature for your favourite spot in the garden. In the flex version it can be turned by 335° so that shade is provided exactly where you would like it to be.


Markilux Syncra Freestanding Awning

The Syncra is a free standing solar and weather protection system for large areas. The design means that awnings can extend on both sides or if required just one side. Units can be coupled together to provide an even larger shaded area.


Markilux Pergola Awning

This stylish and extremely sturdy awning can protect you from the sun and wet weather for large areas. This awning system rests on slender posts that can be adjusted in height allowing better water drainage and to compensate for any eventual differences in levels.

Side Awning

Markilux Side Awning

The Markilux 790 is a vertical screen and can protect you from low-lying sun, inquisitive glances and strong gusts of wind. The cover is optionally available with an angled top edge, giving you the option of visually adapting it to the pitch of a Markilux awning.

Conservatory Awnings

Markilux Conservatory Awnings

These intelligent climate control awnings are ideal for a conservatory. They keep the heat in the winter and keep you cool in the summer along with offering protection. Turning your conservatory into a living room.

Markilux 970

Markilux 970 Awning

The 970 model has a slim cassette making this awning the perfect contemporary look to add to your home. The 970 also has the ability to extend horizontally before it tilts the awning into its pre-set pitch of between 5° and 30°.


Markilux Balcony Awning

Whether you have a large or small balcony a Markilux awning can make this space into the perfect sanctuary for those relaxed morning breakfasts to the romantic evening dinners.

Markilux 6000

Markilux 6000 Awning

The Markilux 6000 received the red dot design award for its innovative features and stylish design. With unlimited possibilities and the bionic arm this awning is the perfect example of design meeting technology.

Estimating Service and Quality Fitting

Markilux Awning

Custom Awning Installation and Planning

Our Markilux display of awnings is being shown in our Soft Furnishing department on the ground floor of the Lenleys showroom. Visit the Lenleys Showroom to view our rage of awnings, or call us on 01227 766655 to discuss your requirements with an expert member of staff.

Not sure what you need? Then get some help from our expert team. We can take the difficulty out of the process by helping you to select the right awning for your needs, get the measurements and dimensions spot on and even install it securely.

Our skilled and experienced fitters understand that every home has different requirements and have been trained on Markilux specific courses. Come and visit the Lenleys showroom to start the process of making your outside even more enjoyable.

To access our range of awnings, simply contact us on 01227 766655 or drop into our showroom in Canterbury, Kent to discuss your requirements with an expert member of staff. Alternatively, click the link below to request an estimate or enquire via email. We look forward to hearing from you!