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Terrazzo Menu

Enjoy lunch or a coffee break in Lenleys Italian style Terrazzo Café. Situated in our 1st Floor atrium, the restaurant serves a selection of daily specials as well as paninis, salads and sandwiches for a lunchtime snack.

Teas, desserts and cakes are served until 4.30pm Mondays – Saturdays.

Todays Specials


Cream of Chestnut Mushroom Soup served with a roll & butter £5.20


Goulash of Beef, roasted red peppers & paprika served with garlic bread & salad £8.95
Ham & Chestnut Mushroom Quiche served with baby potatoes & salad £8.50
Caramelised Onion Flan with Thyme & Emmental served with baby potatoes & salad £8.50


A Selection of Desserts are on display - priced as seen £0.00

Main Menu

Opening Times
Monday - Saturday 10.15am to 4.30pm - Terrazzo is closed on Sunday
Sandwiches are served daily from 10am – 2.30pm
Hot meals are served Monday – Friday 11.30am - 2.30pm & Saturday 11.30am – 3pm


Tuscany Tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil £6.10
Lazio Ham, mozzarella, mushrooms and onions Herbs de Provence £6.55
Florence Mozzarella, tomato and avocado with fresh basil £6.35

Jacket Potato

Grated cheese £5.45
Coronation chicken £6.50
Cheese, onion and mayonnaise £5.50
Tuna mayonnaise £6.35


Egg mayonnaise with crispy bacon and tomato £6.25
Cheddar cheese £5.30
Tuna mayonnaise £6.20
Gammon ham £6.20
Hot bacon £6.20
Bacon, lettuce and tomato £6.20
Coronation chicken £6.40
Prawn mayonnaise £6.60

Soup and Specials

Homemade soup (Served with rolls and butter). £4.50
Homemade dishes of the day £0.00

Salad Platters Freshly Made (served with roll and butter)

Classic Caesar Salad £8.75
Avocado and prawn £8.95
Gammon ham with spiced peaches £7.50
Quiche £8.50


Toasted teacake with butter £2.50
Scone £2.10
Scone with butter and jam £2.50
Scone with butter, jam and clotted cream £3.10
Pastries, gateaux and cakes (including homemade selection) £3.50

Hot drinks

Flat White coffee £2.95
Herbal or fruit tea £2.45
Earl Grey tea £2.45
Tea £2.45
Mocha £3.15
Latte £3.15
Americano £2.45
Espresso Large £2.85
Espresso Small £2.45
Cappuccino £2.65
Decaf Flat White coffee £2.50
Hot chocolate £2.95

Cold drinks

White Wine by the bottle - Pinot Grigio £15.95
Red Wine by the bottle - Rioja £15.95
White Wine - Pinot Grigio by the glass £4.25
Red Wine - Rioja by the glass £4.25
Still water £2.20
Sparkling water £2.20
Coke, Diet Coke £2.15
Apple juice £2.25
Luscombe Wild Elderflower Bubbly £2.95
Luscombe Organic Cool Ginger Beer £2.95
Luscombe Organic Orange juice £2.95
Sparkling presse - Cox's Apple £2.95
Sparkling presse - Ginger & Lemongrass £2.95
Sparkling presse - Elderflower & Pomegranate £2.95
Lemonade £2.85

Menu for children

Tomato soup (with roll and butter) £3.95
Sandwiches Served with crisps, tomato and cucumber. Wholemeal or white bread. Choose from egg mayonnaise, grated cheese, ham or tuna mayonnaise. £3.95
Vanilla ice cream (2 scoops) with chocolate sauce and wafer £3.50
Glass of milk £2.10
Apple juice or orange juice (individual cartons) £2.10

Subject to Availability