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An award winning ethical & royally appointed British bed supplier with over 100 years of bed making expertise. With a philosophy that is firmly focused on perfection, and the delivery of a quality that offers satisfying deep sleep and promotes a re-energised body for a healthy lifestyle.

Hypnos beds are produced using the finest natural, sustainable materials. Materials include Wool, Horse Hair, Cashmere and Silk, providing an absolutely superb sleep systems which helps regulate body temperature, airflow and moisture. Hypnos' master craftsmen express their passion through beautiful quality beds, using their experience and attention to detail to produce exceptional mattresses and divan sets, which have gained Hypnos the seal of royal approval. Beyond bed making, Hypnos has a very ethical Carbon Neutral certification, demonstrating great care and support for the environment. Excellent design with sustainability, is at the heart of everything Hypnos create. This means all Hypnos beds are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, ensuring when you purchase a Hypnos beds it need never go for landfill.

Hypnos Orthos Cashmere
Buckingham Palace

Royal Appointment

The master crafters at Hypnos are upholstery experts. They supply the Royal Family and Royal Household with mattresses, beds and bespoke upholstery; recently supplying replacement banquet seating for Buckingham Palace ballroom. A heritage to be proud of, holding Royal Warrants since 1929, they are the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal residences including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St.James Palace, Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Kensington Palace. Demonstrating high standards in excellence, quality, service and innovation, these Royal Warrants are highly prized.

Hypnos at Lenleys

Call into Lenleys at Canterbury to see the Hypnos Collection. Try them out and let our team of beds experts help with details on every range. In-fact maintaining transparency between our website, sales team and showroom display, is very important to us. Purchasing online after visiting a store, can be quite disconnected. At Lenleys to help this, if you are happy dealing with a particular member the sales team in-store, you can carry this relationship on, via our website. At the checkout stage, there is an option to select the member of staff you dealt with in-store, meaning you can continue that association, ensuring good continuity of our personal service.

Divan Sets


Hypnos Adagio

The Adagio includes the incredibly responsive ReActive 8 pocket springs, that organically adjust and react to your shape and weight providing you with personal spine and body support. Filled will layers of Wool, Bamboo, Cashmere and Latex, before being hand tufted and triple sided stitched for assured longevity


Hypnos Melody

Featuring the ReActive 8 spring system, this no turn mattress features a luxurious pillow top, filled with Alpaca and Sheep Wool and Solotex. This extra layer on top of the responsive pocket sprung mattress, adds deep comfort whilst maintaining support and mobility. 2 rows of hand side stitching guarantee a long life mattress.

Hampton Sublime

Hypnos Hampton Sublime

Handmade and crafted individually to ensure the ultimate in quality, the Hampton Supreme is a testament to Hypnos' royally approved craftmanship. Featuing the advanced UltraSens 15 pocket sprung system and 3 tier construction, the mattress provides layer upon layer of responsive technology aswell as Wool, Bamboo, Cashmere, Cotton and Hair.

Adagio Supreme

Hypnos Clarence Supreme

Individually handmade with the utmost care the Clarence Supreme is the pinaccle of Hypnos' royal offering. Featuring the intelligent UltraSens 17 pocket spring system, the mattress contains 3 tiers of fine, ultra responsive springs. Filled with Pashmina, Bamboo, Organic Wool and Aplaca the bed promises the ultimate in comfort.

Willow Natural Sublime

Hypnos Willow Sublime

The Willow Sublime lives up to its name by providing a truly indulgent sleep experience. Hand filled with Sheep and Alapaca wool together with finely stranded silk, the Willow regulates your temperature and provides a luxurious natural cushioning. The mattress is covered in fine Belgian Damask and features the Hypnos Ultra Sens 14 system.

Maple Natural Superb

Hypnos Maple Superb

This handmade mattress features Hypnos' revolutionary UltraSens spring system. Each spring has 14 active turns, and independently reacts to the pressure of your body, ensuring a supportive, comfortable night for you and your partner. The Maple Superb is upholstered with a blend of sheeps wool, cashmere goat wool and horse hair.

Hypnos Mattresses Inside Out

Aswell as hours of high quality workmanship, Hypnos mattresses contain a whole range of carefully chosen materials, such as naturally soft and breathable layers of Pashmina, Bamboo, Organic Wool, Silk, Hair, Cashmere, Cotton and Alpaca, which help regulate body temperature and ensure a fresh and hygienic night’s sleep.

At the core of every Hypnos mattress is their UltraSens or ReActive turn pocket spring support system. Just piling up all these elements in one place, will not produce a beautifully refined quality mattress, what you really need is the ability to precisely construct these wonderful well balanced mattresses. Experience is essential, Hypnos has over 100 years worth, along with a team of highly skilled individuals. The Hypnos factory contains bespoke high-tech machinery, operated by expert hands, with pride and passion. Wrapped in recyclable packaging and delivered with care. In todays throw away world, it’s really good to know that companies like Hypnos exist, to restore our faith that quality products are still being produced ethically and enjoyed by millions.

Hypnos Production Process

Headboards, Pillows and Drawers

Hypnos Detailing

Dressed with Pride

Discovering the world of Hypnos beds is only the start of the journey. The mattresses are undeniably sublime, which makes it worthwhile looking at all the finishing touches. Hypnos divan bases can be fitted with drawer systems to suit your room layout, particularly useful if extra storage is required. When purchasing a new bed the chances are that your pillows will require replacing as well, at Lenleys we have an excellent range of pillows that you can try in-store. Another element might a matching headboard to suit your base, and Hypnos have a beautiful collection of headboards that not only fit their beds, but any bed in a matching size.

Remember at Lenleys we have the latest Hypnos collection on display. Our furniture experts have all visited Hypnos for in-depth training. As experienced furniture handlers we will professionally deliver free of charge in the Kent area. This is not just to the door, we unpack and setup your new bed in the room its required, and we also remove all the unwanted packaging.