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A recipe for excellence that starts with a generous helping of British heritage. Mixed with Yorkshires finest Sheep, Flax and Hemp. Add 450 humans and stir with over 100 years of experience. Result? Naturally; the finest beds, along with a very low carbon foot-print.

Harrison Beds start an exceptional journey on their very own farm. A 300 acre space where a flock of Texel, Mule, Suffolk and Zwartbles sheep are reared. The wool these sheep produce is the finest pure-grade British wool, and it has an abundance of helpful qualities. Harrison utilise specific wools for their natural softness, their durable bounce and their natural wicking abilities; all very useful when making a mattress. Also grown on this farm is Hemp and Flax, using these fibres in a mattress offers it excellent heat regulation, helping you stay cool and fresh during your nights sleep. Hemp is actually a carbon neutral crop that doesn't require pesticides, and with Harrisons Farm only a short drive away from their production facility, it drastically reduces environmental impact.

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Harrisons Queens Award

Naturally Beautiful Beds

Lenleys showroom in Canterbury has been blissfully displaying Harrisons Beds on the first floor for many years. Our bed experts have been fully trained by Harrisons and have a wealth of knowledge that can help you discover the wide array of bespoke options that are available. If, like most people, buying a bed is not on your daily shopping list, you'll need some help and with the vast volume of choice available. Find the perfect bed can be a seriously mind numbing and time consuming experience, wading through all the ranges and options. At Lenleys we not only have our bed experts, but a great display which enables you to not only see the products, but try them in a relaxing atmosphere. Remember we deal with customers looking for new beds everyday, so don’t be shy, visit today and ask us lots of questions.

Divan Sets


Harrison Spinks Heligan

The Heligans Revolution and Microlution spring-within-a-spring system work together to provide support as you sleep. The double side-stitching ensures that the whole sleeping surface is comfortable to sleep on, right up to the edges. This also offers enhanced stability over the lifetime of the mattress. Choose from Gently supportive, Medium support or Firm support. The Heligan’s blend of wool and soft cotton in conjunction with “home grown” hemp are cleverly arranged to make one sleeping surface warm for winter and the other cool for summer to regulate your body all year round.


Harrison Spinks Kew

Significant resilience is obvious in this mattress. A Revolution core with Posturfil and Microlution layers either side provide a supportive yet supremely comfortable mattress. Cotton and extremely absorbent, home grown hemp ensure a cool summer sleeping climate on one surface whilst wool is snug and warm during the colder winter months.


Harrison Spinks Trebah

The award winning Revolution spring system found within this mattress offers spring-within-spring technology, which means that you will benefit from responsive support across the full surface of the mattress. Resilience from Microlution springs featuring airflow keep the mattress dry to ensure durability and luxury. Choose from Firm, Medium or Gently supportive options. Inside the Trebah mattress are natural, sustainable upholstery layers including the delicately blended luxury of Egyptian cotton, Kapok (tree silk) and Alpaca Wool means you “sleep in” and not “sleep on” this mattress.


Harrison Spinks Wisley

Sumptuous in the extreme, Wisley has only the finest natural fillings combinations for the best sleep possible. Cashmere wool and silk in addition to the finest Egyptian cotton, Kapok and Alpaca Wool blends ensure a luxurious and restful experience. This quality mattress provides superior support in a gently refined manner. Three deep layers of micro-coil Titanium Alloy springs, Posturfil, HD and Microlution on both the winter and summer sleeping surfaces, contour perfectly with the body.

Evolving Spring Technology

Revolution Spring

Harrison beds form to your body shape quickly, ensuring a supportive excellent nights sleep. This is achieved using thousands of springs in what Harrison call High Density pocket spring system. Utilising their awarding winning “Revolution” spring-within-a-spring units for unrivalled comfort.

These springs are made from titanium, which gives them the ability to adapt to weight variations quickly while retaining their shape throughout many years of everyday usage. The dual pocketed spring produces two levels of support tensions, as they are compressed the second shorter spring comes into play, giving better resistance to heavier areas of the body, as required.

In conjunction with the main springs there are also mini spring layers, these enhance mattress flexibility, producing incredible levels of extra comfort and support, delivering that much needed pressure relief by meeting your bodies contours. Leaving you well rested and fresh for the day ahead.

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Harrison HD Airflow

Advanced Posture Support

Good health is often associated with quality of sleep. The body resets and repairs itself during sleep. It is therefore no surprise that a better quality bed is likely to improve your quality of sleeping. Harrisons understand that couples that share a mattress can struggle with their partners being a different size, i.e. height, weight and body shape. This can present complications that can be difficult to overcome. Harrison beds have options that mean you can tailor a mattress to suit you, without the massive price tag. For instance if you are lighter or prefer a gentler mattress to your partner, Harrison allow you to select a different tension for each side of the mattress, meaning customised comfort for everyone. Other tension options are available.

Every Harrisons bed is side stitched by hand, including up to 6 rows of natural twine hand stitching. The craft takes many years to master, but once achieved they can provide edge to edge support that massively improves comfort and longevity. Hand stitching in this way forms thousands of contact points from the springs, the mattress border and the outer rows of the mattress upholstery. Harrisons take this legacy very seriously and today they are the only bed manufacturer to produce their own vanadium steel springs, ensuring the highest standards of perfection. These springs are taken and stitched within natural cotton calico pockets.

The Harrison Farm

Harrisons Materials

Harrison's selection of hand picked, fine materials

Home Grown Beds

Ethically sourced natural elements, produced within Harrisons Yorkshire based farm, demonstrate a very rare supply chain in todays modern, import everything world.

Harrison Farm

This ensures a special relationship between the environment, production and natural sustainability of these wonderfully comfortable beds. For example the home grown wool is soft, springy and naturally supportive, keeping you warm and comfortable, whilst also being anti-bacterial with inherent fire retardant properties.

Flax fibre is used to produce linen. It’s strong, light and a sustainable material which creates a breathable organic covering that helps improve moisture management. Hemp is another excellent plant which creates a highly absorbent material and is naturally resistant to mildew, adding an air of freshness that is very hygienic. Other natural materials are used in Harrison beds such as Silk, Cashmere, Mohair, Egyptian Cotton, Horsehair and White Curled Hair, all ethically sourced externally to the farm in Yorkshire.

Luxury Fabric Selection

Harrison Farm

Choose Your Style

As you might expect Harrisons have a wonderful collection of beautiful soft fabrics which are widely available across their range of upholstered divan bases and headboards. These modern contemporary fabrics are available in over 20 colour themes. To fully appreciate the colour, texture and patten scale, visit Lenleys showroom in Canterbury or contact the store to order a sample.

A quality headboard will add a real touch class and finish off your fabulous new bed from Harrisons. Headboards can be ordered in all the traditional standard sizes and will fit other bed ranges.

All Harrison products are hand finished by crafts people that have many years of experience. Great care and pride is poured into every single tailor made divan set with one aim; to offer you the very best nights sleep possible. All divan sets are available in standard size as well bespoke options. The hand made nature, of each and every item, means no stock is held. Please allow extra time for delivery, usually around 8-10 weeks.

Harrisons Fabric Swatches