Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

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Quality Real Wood Flooring

Here at Lenleys we have a brilliant real wood flooring offering. Real wood flooring is timeless, and will outlast style trends and changes over time, so it's the perfect investment in your home. We have an expert design, estimation and fitting team that can help you find not only the perfect style, but the perfect material for your space.

All of our wood flooring is sourced from Swedish flooring giant Kährs. The oldest wood flooring manufacturer in the world, Kährs know a thing or two about quality. No matter what style you're trying to achieve we have wood flooring to fit. Kährs offer a comprehensive flooring system with every detail covered you'll find mouldings to skirtings to match any floor of your choice.

Whether you're looking for brushed, hand scrpaed, bevelled, silky smooth or an ultra matte finish each wood we supply is treated to maximise it's unique composition and characteristics. Due to these specific characteristics some woods work better in spaces than others, and will have different reactions to light and heat. Our team can advise you what's best for you and your home.

Kahrs wood flooring
Wooden flooring

Why Choose Us?

Our entire collection is eco-friendly and sourced from sustainable forestry projects. More trees are planted by Kährs each year than are cut down for production, and all waste wood, bark and saw dust goes to a sustainable clean energy plant for recycling.

Kährs flooring can be used effectively with underfloor heating and is optimised as to reduce any reshaping, usually caused by seasonal humidity. Their 3 patented 'Woodloc' joint systems can be used strategically to keep your floor tight and pristine, often without the need for gluing. We offer a range of different wood compositions to choose from, with Kährs multi layer system.

Kährs offer a 25 year guarantee on wear through, as well as providing an extensive range of maintenance, care and repair products specific to each product.

Below is just a small selection of the Kährs flooring range, please visit our Flooring team in store for more information and to browse the entire Kährs range.

6 Steps to
Perfect Wood Flooring

1• Visit Lenleys and browse our selection of wood samples, patterns and types. Take samples of your favourite flooring away with you to test at home, and check how they fit with your furniture and lighting.

2• At home take some basic measurements of your room. If you have an interesting shaped room then some photographs or a simple sketch can also help our experts to understand your space, and what will be required for fitting.

3• Once you've decided on a style and finish our team will use your measurements to calculate a rough estimate and give you an idea of cost.

4• Once you're happy with the initial style and costing we will send our trained estimator to your property, they will take an accurate measurement and assess your space to ensure we know everything required for fitting.

5• From these details we can generate a final quote. Prices vary upon dimensions and the time it will take to complete the fitting.

6• Once you have accepted the final quote your bespoke order will be placed, and we will contact contact you to arrange fitting.

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To access our range of wooden flooring, simply contact us on 01227 766655 or drop into our showroom in Canterbury, Kent to discuss your requirements with an expert member of staff. Alternatively, click the link below to request an estimate or enquire via email. We look forward to hearing from you!