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Best Quality Carpets

At Lenleys we have a vast array of different carpets to offer, for every home and price range. We supply carpets from some of the most well known brands from across the UK & Europe. Brands such as: Brintons, Axminster, Jacaranda, Smart Strand, Brontë and many more. We can provide carpets of all shapes and sizes, carpets made from natural materials, British wool, eco-conscious and sustainable fabrics. Below is some information on our two most popular carpets types-

Tufted: With advantages in technology around 90% of carpets we sell are now tufted. Tufting is the machine made process of quickly pushing hundreds of loops per second through the carpet backing, and then securing them with adhesive. This fast production method means we can offer a wide variety of styles, textures and patterns at a great price, whilst still maintaining quality and strength.

Woven: This classic method of production now accounts for a minority of carpets within the industry. Still considered as one of the finest methods of carpet production, woven carpets are used often in prestigious installations for great effect. Woven carpets can allow for much more intricate patterns and designs, also the durability and strength of woven wool is unparalleled.

When it comes to style, there are tonnes of options to choose from, whether it's velvet soft, twisted and textured or a more relaxed shag pile appearance. See all the options available in store at Lenleys.

Timorous besaties brintons carpet
Epsom stripe duck egg carpets

Why Choose Lenleys?

At Lenleys we offer premium quality carpets in almost any style or colour you could require. Our highly trained staff, and fitters have decades of experience and are well practiced in providing first class service and workmanship to our customers.

Visit our showroom to see our extensive range of brands, styles and colours to find the perfect look for your room. Discuss your requirements with expert staff and they can provide guidance and suggestions.. You can view our collection and take samples home to see how they work in your space and the specific lighting of your home throughout the day. We even offer a free home estimation service.

Make the most of your trip and head to our Interiors department to find complimentary curtains, blinds or fabrics. You can even discuss your project with our in house Interior Designer who can provide tips and advice on how to get the most from your home. Our expert team work on jobs big and small, so if you're renovating a hallway, or your carpeting an entire home or business then we've got it covered.

Below we have some suggestions for how to streamline your Lenleys experience, and ensure you find the perfect fit for your home or business.

6 Steps to
Perfect Carpet

1• Come to store and look through the samples in our showroom. We encourage customers to take samples home to see how different styles work in their rooms and in different lights.

2• At home take a few basic measurements of your room, a rough sketch can help our expert staff understand your room layout.

3• With your measurements we will calculate a preliminary estimate for the cost of your chosen carpets.

4• For the next step our estimator will visit your property to confirm exact measurements and discuss options for underlay and other fitting considerations.

5• From these details we can generate a final quote. Prices vary upon specific dimensions and the difficulty involved in fitting.

6• Once the quote is accepted your carpet order will be placed and we will contact you to arrange fitting, usually all within 3-4 weeks of your confirmation.

  • timorous beasties carpet
  • True velvet carpets
  • True velvet platinum carpet
  • marquis
  • majestic polished silver carpets
  • epsom stripe duck egg carpet
  • classic florals
  • bell twist
  • padstow pebble houndstooth
  • renaissance carpets

Wool or Synthetic?

To help you decided which carpet type is right for your home, below we have summarised the benefits of our main 3 offerings.

100% Wool

Jacaranda 100% wool carpet

Wool carpets offer unique resistance and long lasting durability while providing luxurious underfoot comfort and warmth. Wool is 100% environmentally responsible, fully sustainable and has natural anti-allergy and anti-microbial properties.

Wool Blend

Ulster wool blend

Blended wool carpets are usually 80% wool with 20% Nylon or another hard wearing synthetic fabric. With a blend you get the hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and long lasting luxury of wool, with the added durability of a synthetic material.


Synthetic smartstrand carpets

As well as being more affordable our synthetic ranges offer fantastic levels of soft comfort, resilience to staining, durability and can can even be made from natural plant based materials. Our synthetic carpets come in a huge variety or styles and prices.

To access our range of carpets, simply contact us on 01227 766655 or drop into our showroom in Canterbury, Kent to discuss your requirements with an expert member of staff. Alternatively, click the link below to request an estimate or enquire via email. We look forward to hearing from you!