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Crafting luxury furniture for over 25 years, Celebrity are one of the UK’s forefront producers of multi point recling Lift n Rise chairs. Designed by experts and assembled to the highest standards of quality, to ensure reliable performance, support and comfort. All from their Nottinghamshire based, manufacturing facility.

If you're searching for an excellent quality recliner chair, that is both practical and durable, then the Celebrity collection will certainly satisfy. You will discover ideal seating solutions. From straightforward manual recliner actions through to luxury power assisted actions. Mass-retail furniture made in the far east and other destinations needs to travel considerable distances across all manner of transport systems to reach the UK. It must be being loaded on and off lorries, containers, ships and man handled around countless storage facilities and warehouses. Celebrity however is made here, in the UK, which translates to a much less complex shipping process, coupled with high quality packing and expert handling. This gives you the peace of mind that your new purchase will be quality made and delivered in perfect working order and pristine condition.

Woburn Living Set Celebrity
Woburn Rise Celebrity

Freedom to Stand

Woburn Mobility Chair

Lift n Rise chairs can help people with mobility issues, age or medical related, to regain their independence and sit and stand easily. Once you've decided to make the switch however, you are faced with tricky choices and varying suppliers, each promising different benefits and functions. To bypass any high pressure selling, simply visit Lenleys of Canterbury, we only explain the real features, benefits and genuine capabilities of this, or any other product we sell.

What can these power recliners really do? Very simply, they contain a motorised metal action that can recline the back while raising the footrest, supporting any position you'd care to rest in. Meanwhile, when it is returned to the standard fixed chair position, you can, at the touch of a button, activate the rise function, which gently lifts you and then tilts gracefully, presenting an easy standing point.

Sofa Ranges


Celebrity Regent

Softer sit springing with a sumptuous dual tier deep filled back, offering excellent support when reclining. The collection includes chairs, 2 and 3 seat settees, all in a choice of fixed or motion options. Select from a beautiful range of fabric and fine leather to create a classical suite.


Celebrity Westbury

The high back is designed for extra comfort, the triple pillow back cushions will supply a pressure relief when reclined. Colour effects available for the solid wooden arm tips, these arms are ideal for a firm grip point, providing excellent support when in the motion of sitting down or about to stand.


Celebrity Woburn

Featuring a stylish deep buttoned back with neat scroll arms, creating what has become one of the most popular ranges, in the whole collection. Available in 5 sizes from Petite to Grand, something for everyone, also these 5 recliners are available on ZipSPEED express delivery.

Furniture Fit For You

Woburn choice of sizes

Choose your Size

When customers visit the store, we often hear things like: "every thing is too big," "...too small" or "I really struggle to find anything where I can sit with my feet touching the floor". Which makes the Celebrity collection ideal in many ways, as it has a wealth of size options compared with most furniture makers. Remember at Lenleys we have the latest Celebrity collection on display.

Our furniture experts have all been given in-depth training on Celebrity furniture, helping us provide you with any details or options you may wish to hear about, ensuring you find the perfect seating for you. We would recommend visiting the store at Roper Road, Canterbury to experience these wonderful recliners first hand.

Bespoke Design

Choose Your Perfect Style

Celebrity Wood Colour

Tailor making furniture at Celebrity means offering a wide selection of wonderful soft fabrics and luxury leathers, that can all add a unique element and match in with your home perfectly. This also applies to the wooden elements, that can be supplied with either Teak, Natural or Mahogany effect. Finallt there are the all important recliner actions, that offer manual or power operation.

Having all these variations and options to choose from, does mean that you need to allow some manufacturing time, this would normally be anything up to around 8 weeks. However Celebrity understand that some chairs are more of a distressed purchase, born out of health related issues, that may have unexpectedly occurred. To this end, they have a faster system in place, called ZipSPEED express, contact store for more details.

At Lenleys, Canterbury our experienced furniture handlers will professionally deliver, free of charge, in the Kent area, unpack and setup your new upholstery, in the room its required, and remove all the nuisance of unwanted packaging.

Celebrity Westbury Leather

Celebrity Range