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The Twist Carpet – A New Twist on Luxury Carpets

Sisal Lenleys Flooring Crucial TradingAt the heart of Lenleys’ flooring department is the neutral coloured twist carpet. All these carpets give a superb combination of performance and technical design which suit virtually any lifestyle. These hard wearing carpets will provide pleasure and value wherever you place them in your home. That is why they are one of the most popular carpets in Kent.

Coir Herringbone Bleached-Lenleys Flooring Crucial TradingChic neutral and subtle colours have been the calling card of elegant fashion collections for countless seasons. These colours are sophisticated, relaxing and timeless, plus they’re easy to use. You can layer several together without any hint of clashing.

When you are working with understated colours you can also go stronger on pattern without it feeling too much.

The twist pile carpet has an extra twist added to the spinning process which creates the renowned defined and textured surface, this is why the twist pile carpet has become one of Lenleys most popular carpets.

The secret of the durability in any carpet is the quality of the wool used. Wool is the ultimate sustainable choice for carpet. It insulates your home, it’s easily recyclable and biodegradable, plus shearing sheep is essential for their welfare, although shearing sheep is not as easy as you might think.

The sheep is surprisingly agile. Her top speed over the ground is around 23 miles per hour. She is well adapted to craggy terrain, tending to move uphill when pursued. And she has a visual field of up to 320 degrease which means she can pretty much see out of the back of her head. Now let’s compare that to the shepherd who is not so agile. His top speed is around 10 miles per hour. He may be faster on hearing the bell for last orders down the local. He is better adapted to life in a nice, comfortable stone cottage than on a craggy hillside. His visual field is not of any special note and probably worse on hearing that bell for last orders. But each spring, as sure as the hare’s box and the days get longer, shepherds catch sheep and claim their prized fleece.

There is more to carpet than neutral and beige.

Baldwin Lenleys Flooring Crucial TradingSaville row tailors have always had it right – stripes are smart and a timeless pattern option that can work wonders for proportions. They can trick the eye into thinking a room is wider or longer. Subtle or bold narrow or wide, stripes are the ‘neutral’ of the pattern carpet world. They’re an easy, please all option. Stripes in paired back shades are a sophisticated look, where as the same design in bold colours would be a cheerful option for a child’s bedroom. It’s a pattern that will carry a room through decorating changes as the years go on. Also with a striped carpet made up of several complementary shades you have lots of options for wall and fabric colours.

Wool Audrey Lenleys Flooring Crucial TradingIf a stripe carpet is too much of a bold statement for your room then also think about adding a natural floor covering like the fantastic products from Crucial Trading. It’s said people buy with their eyes. But we know you also buy flooring with your head and heart. Crucial Trading are committed to sourcing the finest raw materials nature can sustainably and ethically grow. Using time honoured treatment and manufacturing processes there craft and attention to detail is second to none. All there floor coverings come with a unique story. Crucial Trading Sisal is sourced from Brazil, China and Tanzania and has sword-like leaves which make it one of nature’s true survivors. Evolved to thrive in a punishing climate, each bayonet is stripped of its pulpy flesh and then dried for 30 days eventually becoming a highly durable and malleable fibre strong enough to anchor a ship to the harbour bed but now sisal is set to bring a long lasting grace to your hallway, sitting room or bedroom. Crucial trading also has another fibre which is coir. Few sights are as exotic as a coconut grove spreading out along a keralan shoreline. Coir is the protective hairy layer that surrounds the nut. Just before the coconuts ripen, notched tree trunks are climbed and the fruit collected by hand. After spending up to 10 months suspended in water they’re beaten to separate out the fibres then spun into yarn. This natural material is then transformed into the boucle, herringbone and panama flooring designs which Crucial Trading is renowned for.

If the natural loop finish is what you are after but like a softer feel under foot then Westex carpets offer a variety of different loop constructions giving 60 options of colour and design. Westex 100% wool natural loop collection has 15 contemporary shades in 4 distinctive and modern styles. The natural loop collection is made up of a variety of natural colours and looks in an array of luxurious styles and textures. Manufactured from 100% pure new wool using wools from around the world there blends combine the soft white looks of New Zealand and the hard wearing wools of Britain. By spinning a fine 3 fold yarn which is manufactured in the UK Westex provide a strong carpet yarn that won’t pill or crush and is suitable for all locations of your home including stairs. You can have confidence in a Westex carpet because they add protectors also. Stain resist to give defence against staining and to make cleaning easier. Moth proofing to provide peace of mind. Also there high standards and quality are maintained with independent testing.

Having confidence in the flooring you are purchasing is one important part the other is the confidence in how your carpet will be fitted. Our highly experienced fitting teams work to the exacting standards you have come to expect from shopping at Lenleys. We offer a complete service of installation including uplifting and disposing of your existing floor coverings and moving of furniture. So whether it is a woven carpet from Axminster and Brintons or the wool twist piles from Westex, Ulster carpets or Victoria carpets you can be assured that we have the expertise to make sure they are fitted to your and our high standard. So next time you are having lunch in our Terrazzo Café think about making time to visit our friendly and experienced sales advisors in the flooring department. We have a vast range of carpets, rugs, and hard flooring with all the top quality brands for you to choose from like Amtico, Karndean, Crucial Trading, Westex and Brintons. We can give you a guide price based on your own measurements or we can send one of our estimators out to your home at a convenient time for yourself for a survey. Our estimator will measure the areas required and provide advice on underlay and any preparatory work required to ensure your flooring gives you many years of satisfaction.