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ROM – Poetry in Motion

In today’s modern world buying furniture can be quite tricky, mainly because it needs to fit the space and with homes all being pretty unique this can be quite a huddle to overcome. Fortunately, solutions are available and ROM can offer a number of really helpful options and in particular, the ability to alter sizes of seat widths, all without bespoke price tags.

Okay, so how does this work?

Rom has a unique style when it comes to creating sofas, combining design and function in order to create custom-made sofas, built to your specifications. Helping create the perfect sized sofa or chair for your space.

The whole collection of ROM sofas are available in width increments of 20cm, which means you can increase or decrease sizes within the relevant limitations. Now you have the perfect size the next stage is the covering options and there is a vast collection of both fabrics and leathers along with endless configuration, such as arm style, motion, legs choices and even an app to control power options.

Deimos Corner Group

Made to Measure in 20cm increments

Design Made Easy!

The great minds at ROM have created an application for us within store that will allow you, via an Apple IPad, to configure your furniture exactly to your needs. What can you expect?

The app will allow you to select the sofa, chair or corner group you desire, alter the sizes and fabric selection in order to fit seamlessly within your home, complement this with accessories such as manual or power recliners, charging ports, heated seats and Wi-Fi enabled controls, before finally calculating your custom price.

But don’t worry if you are not feeling ready to embrace this technology Lenleys experts will be more than happy to help guide you through the process or simply do it for you.

Just view our helpful video shows how this works via the in-store configurator.

Create and Design To Fit Your Space


Looking for complete control and extreme comfort? Well here it is, electronically controlled seating with the RELAX system. Simple to find the perfect position at the push of a button, rest your feet on the extending electronically controlled footrest.

Deimos with Relax power recliner


Individually available option for any seat of the sofa or corner seats.
The ZEN adjustable headrest offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your comfort. Operating this headrest with the power motion option, will deliver the perfect stopping points for complete relaxation.

Bellona – Zen Headrest


Need more room? This is a great additional option, whether sitting, stretching out or having an afternoon nap. VARIO offers custom depth control and is available for every seat surface, giving you the power to find the perfect position to suit your body or your mood.

Bellona – Vario extending seat


As standard, all electric comfort functions come with a USB 2.0 charging port. Tucked conveniently between the seat back and cushion this provides a way to discretely charge your mobile phone or device while avoiding the usual tangle of charger cables.

USB Charger port


The last minute guest needing a comfortable night’s sleep or just a convenient extra bed, ROM has a quick easy solution available on selected models.

Sofa bed available with Themis or Trentino


The latest technological development, ROM’s Aladin Cosy control system automatically adjusts to your favourite position, delivering truly individual comfort. This smart technology works via a touch button panel conveniently hidden within the seat or via an App that can be downloaded on both Apple and Android Devices. The Aladin App allows you to set a number of custom pre-sets to each seat, ensuring custom comfort for everyone at any time of the day. This short video will take you through how this works, please click here

A few useful tips before venturing out to the showroom.

  • Measure up the area and room
  • Make a note of door & window placement and size
  • Take a few photos on a mobile phone of your space
  • Think about how you use the room

Who Are ROM?

Founded in Eupen, the heart of Belgium in 1961 by Mr and Mrs Rom, the company has always strived to meet the demands of a dynamic and fast-changing market. Continuously modernised by styles and trends, ROM like all of us today are embracing new technologies, designing & incorporating useful elements in to their furniture without over complicating the customers experience.

Through boundless passion and creativity, ROM objectives are to provide customers the very best in upholstered design. Delivering the wide ranging flexibility, while constantly developing and introducing new concepts to seamlessly marry with new designs and innovations.

When it comes to Lenleys, we have an unwavering commitment to provide customers with the ideal furniture for their space, and in this instance custom flexibility and excellent design truly set ROM apart. ROM’s philosophy is simple, and has not changed for over 50 years:

“We adapt to your needs, whatever they might be”