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Lenleys becomes a Premier Stockist Luxaflex in 2015

Cast a ray of light into your dream house with Luxaflex, a state of the art company that provides shutters, blinds, shades and awnings across an international market. They design all their products to maximize functionality and safety alongside your own personal style. Carefully crafted, Luxaflex blinds give beautiful, strong, uniform pleat patterns of varying sizes allowing their products to be fitted perfectly to all shapes and sizes of windows. They also come in a host of colours in order to co-ordinate seamlessly with your interior design. Our softs department stock a full catalogue of all the possible colours and products available to you. You can browse a whole host of sample books here in-store in our brand new, interactive Luxaflex gallery.

quality blinds LenleysBlinds provide excellent shade from sunlight or they act as a barrier to support insulation, which means they can really help control room temperature effectively. The majority of heat lose in most homes is not surprisingly through windows even if they are double glazed. When style meets function via clever design it generally improves everything and with Luxaflex ingenious honeycomb design that traps blankets of air in the pleated cells of the blind, it enables you to manage and control heat loss as well as light control. This additional tool helps control climate to keep you more comfortable, whether being cooler in summer or welcomingly warm in winter. This system is quite effective and you can calculate savings using the online, simple step by step formula.

In 1951 Luxaflex entered the Europe and rapidly rose to be a powerhouse of interior design with their exceptional product design, winning multiple awards for their revolutionary inventions. Luxaflex have since expanded their profile, offering an array of bespoke craftsmanship with custom made lighting solutions with numerous, patented lift systems such as SmartCord and UltraLift. Every product is uniquely tailored to perfectly fit your specifications which the expert team at Lenleys can assist with from start to finish. With a 5 year warranty you can be assured that Luxaflex provides excellent quality that is built and tested for durability. Now Lenleys has extended the range of Luxaflex products and become a premier stockist we can truly claim to be the destination store in Canterbury, Kent for not only Luxaflex products but also other leading brands in soft furnishings such as Sanderson, Harlequin, Mulberry and Liberty Arts to name but a few. Our teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help guide you through the process of buying your new window treatments and lighting solutions. Offering a complete home survey free of charge, measuring and reviewing options to optimise to most suitable design at the best value prices. Finally the installation is provided by our own teams of expert fitters to ensure professional fitting with attention to detail giving you the best possible service in Kent. The latest ranges offer a number of power upgrades and our service includes evaluating power supply arrangements for these motorised systems.

remote control for blindsPower at your fingertips as all motorised systems come with a handy to use remote that allows you to raise and lower your blinds with a single button. The remote allows the user to operate one or more blinds at a time, meaning less hassle swopping between remotes. Lenleys’ fitting team will ensure your remote is installed and fully functional the movement your custom make system is fitted. Child safety is of paramount importance to Lenleys and Luxaflex.

As a result all our products adhere to the European safety standard EN 13120 while many have addition safety features. LiteRise cordless systems and UltraLift retractable cords are both patented lift mechanisms that remove risk of entanglement all together. Alongside SmartCord, that will effortlessly position your shade to a pre-set location, these mechanisms allow for a clean, practical solution to child safety. Cord breakers are also fitted as standard to all corded Luxaflex systems, freeing the line completely in the event of an emergency.

Another excellent attribute of our blinds is their ability to dramatically reduce ambient noise. Luxaflex’s Duette shades are specially made to enhance this unique acoustic property, helping to drown out noise such as traffic or neighbours, while keeping your favourite TV show or music contained which can noticeably improve surround sound systems with Duette Shades from Luxaflex.

There are a number of ways in which you can enhance the overall lighting experience of your home alongside the use of Luxaflex systems and the expert advice of our softs team here at Lenleys. Firstly, most lighting fixtures are supplied with and support 75+ watt bulbs. Instead we suggest you opted for a more subtle 25-40 watt fixture. This will soften the lighting giving a natural, welcoming feel to the room while also saving stacks of energy bill costs. If you find your room is too large to sufficiently illuminate with low watt bulbs, spread a multitude of fixtures throughout the room as appose to installing harsh high watt, single lighting. Alternatively, dampers are a fantastic way of ensuring energy saving costs while also enriching the mood of your room. Simply set your damper to a soft enchanting level.

Maximising natural light through your windows is also essential. Taking out large obstructing pieces such as heavy curtains and replacing them with Luxaflex blinds, rollers or shutters will provide more light when desired, propagating it uniformly through the room. Their compact design also gives more space and functionality to your home as the shades contour the window frames. Bright colours and large mirrors will bounce sunlight throughout the room giving an uplifting feel to your home; in addition mirrors give the illusion of extending the room. Shades also reduce UV light that will discolour furniture and wooden floors over time.

If your room as a low ceiling try employing upward facing lights, these will radiate light off the ceiling to give a more subtle tone. Direct lighting from above is often too harsh in enclosed spaces, wrapping contrast and bleaching out other colours in your room. You can also use an inverted blind system, available from Luxaflex, to allow natural light to reach towards the top if the room, giving an analogue effect to the upward facing fixtures.

Visit Lenleys today for more information on your home furnishings. We are here to help, offering expert advice towards tailoring and design your home. Our softs furnishing department is located on the ground floor toward the back of the store in Canterbury. The team look forward to seeing in-store and helping and answering any questions you have. Remember there is free car parking for customers — How to find us.

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