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Lenleys donates computers to Kamasi City Primary School

Kumasi City Primary School

Everyone deserves an education. And in today’s world the power of the computer has become an essential part of day-to-day life, one that many people across the Western world take for granted. But not everyone has access to a computer, and it seems wasteful that, over recent decades, old ‘redundant’ systems are thrown away instead of being shared among those who could find use from them. A UN report, alongside numerous studies, has indicated that quality¬† of life improves dramatically in areas where computers and other modern technologies are accessible; furthermore it is known that the younger generations benefit especially from such amenities. The wealth of information, interactive teaching and key modern day applications make computers an essential part of education. So what can we do to help? This is where our story begins.

Children using donated computers at Kumasi Primary School, Ghana

In 2014 Lenleys upgraded our computer systems across all departments in order to improve our performance and provide an even better service to our loyal customers. Long before the old system needed to be removed, here at Lenleys, we had decided to donate all possible desktops to schools and charities around the world. Charities such as Tools With A Mission (TWAM) offer people from less fortunate backgrounds the chance to learn invaluable skills.

This was not the first time Lenleys has donated to charitable causes. And we have come to learn of the amazing journeys our sometimes overlooked computers must take. Many of the places we donate to are extremely rural with no well defined transport routes. Monitors, keyboards, desktops, must all be moved by hand on many occasions, a testament into the need for these technologies in third world countries.

Lenleys computers being transported

Previously, 10 computers were successful delivered to Kumasi City Primary School in Ghana and was the final part of helping the school reach its goal of 30 PCs. They will be used on a daily basis for all the children as well as for adult literacy classes in the evening. You can find out more or donate yourself to the Kumasi city primary school and TWAM on the Kumasi City School website or at Tools With A Mission.

Computer aid not only provides a humanitarian benefit, but also an environmental one. Misplaced technologies have a severe negative impact on wildlife and landscapes, as a result many related charities are actively seeking to set up recycling centres for old, discarded devices. Computers may often be salvaged for essential parts or reused for their materials. The recycling centres simultaneously offer jobs for the local area and enforce the importance of environmental wellbeing to developing countries.