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Himolla – Comfort, Support and Quality


Himolla have been designing and manufacturing high quality furniture for over 60 years and truly satisfy the typecast of German precision engineering and quality.

Certified by several quality directives, including the ‘German Association of Quality Furniture’ Himolla’s eco-friendly production studio in Taufkirchen is testament to meticulous workmanship. In an age where form often precedes function Himolla maintain a standpoint that practical functionality and support come first and once achieved are then combined with contemporary luxurious design.

Time honoured wood craft is practiced in conjunction with the latest in CNC technology to ensure a seamless blend of old and new; reliability and precision. Himolla believe so strongly in the quality of their furniture that they offer a 5-year guarantee on all frames and non-moving parts. Lenleys of Canterbury have been dealing with Himolla for over a decade and we ensure all of our furniture experts visit the Himolla factory in Germany so that they’re ready to answer your questions with pertinent information.


Never ‘Off the Peg’ – One Collection Infinite Selection

Nothing ordered from Himolla will ever be ‘off the peg’ and all items are carefully produced, customised and delivered to order. Available in countless variations of size, functionality and cover, Himolla is a collection that comes with seemingly infinite selection. Premium raw hide leathers are sourced from around the world, tested in their in-house lab to ensure they meet stringent quality control and are then hand processed by expert craftsmen to produce the perfect leather for the Himolla range. Choose from an array of over 100 leathers and fabrics and match these with one of 21 available wood stains, even select your own independent fabric or material and so long as it meets fire safety guidelines create your own one of a kind piece of furniture. Use our swatch selector online when viewing a product or alternatively visit us in our Canterbury store to view swatch books and furniture in numerous different colours.




Almost all products are available in fixed, manual recliner or power recliner options, with the added choice of including an internal battery, allowing a tidier wire free living room. As standard Lenleys provide our Himolla products in soft UK friendly seat foam tension, however if you would prefer the more firm European style tension then feel free to write this in the notes when ordering, and we will happily adjust it for you.

Lift and Rise – Mobilise with Dignity

The Lift and Rise recliner from Himolla contains a sophisticated 3 motor system that allows you to independently adjust the backrest, footrest, and lift yourself up out of the chair easily via a remote control. The controls couldn’t be simpler, by the push of a single button lift the entire chair and tilt it forward to the optimal angle, getting you back on your feet quickly and comfortably, with support throughout.

If you also struggle to sit down in a chair from standing, the lift and rise recliner can be used in the exact same manner but with reverse motion. Simply stand yourself against the lifted chair, press one button and be lowered gently in to your seat. From there you can use the remote control to find the perfect position for your activity, whether it be reading, watching the television, taking a nap or entertaining guests.



Let the Himolla Lift and Rise provide you with all the functionality and support you need, whilst still allowing you a beautifully designed and expertly engineered piece of furniture that would be a great addition to any room. The Lift and Rise recliners are available in our Chester and Humber collections, where you’ll find matching sofas and upholstery. All our Himolla products are available from Lenleys in 100 colours of leather, fabrics and with the option to select the wood stain used for the feet and trim.

ZeroStress – Support You Can Rely On

For unparalleled neck and lumber support look no further than the ZeroStress collection from Himolla. The tempered steel sub-spring design ensures resistance under all weights and also offers durability and comfort, in addition the main frame of the ZeroStress armchairs are steel made and give an extraordinary degree of stability to the user. Himolla employ an elegant curved and varnished beech wood exterior frame that compliments any room and can be matched to almost all other ranges within the collection.

The ZeroStress range is ideal for anyone who suffers with back, neck or upper leg pain as it offers dynamic support to all areas of the body, and allows you to choose the position that’s right for your activity. Simply use the discreet handles on both sides of the chair to control the speed of motion, and gently position your body however you’re most comfortable. Unlike other, cheaper ratcheted recliner chairs on the market Himolla have spent years of meticulous engineering to perfect the step-less gliding motion that the ZeroStress swing frame permits, allowing you to slip seamlessly into your favourite positions, whatever your activity.


Once you’ve found you’re optimal seating position quickly and easily adjust you’re flexible headrest and mould it to the contours of your head and neck to complete the experience. The chairs in the range feature a 360° degreeturning ring, meaning you can rotate freely in any direction and avoid any unnecessary twisting of your lower back.

Precision German engineering, premium quality materials and painstaking attention to detail in design have led to the ZeroStress range becoming one of the world’s most popular recliner ranges and Himolla being awarded the accolade of ‘World’s Best Recliner Manufacturer’ 2015 by Interiors Monthly Magazine.

Trapezoidal – Style and Convenience


Give your home a boost in space and convenience with the Trapezoidal Rhine 3 seater sofa available from Lenleys, Canterbury.

Featuring a tilt-able middle chair that doubles up as a coffee table it allows you to save space whilst still having two large fully reclining seats. The Trapezoidal sofas from Himolla are perfect for that Home Cinema feel and still come as standard with the fantastic Cumuly feature.

Choose from either manual or electric and give yourself complete freedom when it comes to finding the perfect seating position for your mood or activity.

Adjust your backrest, raise your footrest and shape your mouldable head rest to fit the shape of your head and neck, then let yourself sink back and enjoy your favourite movie, show or book in absolute personalised bliss.


Superlastic Foam – Long Life Comfort

So what’s so special about Himolla foam? Compared to most other lower end furniture manufacturers Himolla don’t use pre-made and cut foam. Each piece of furniture is not only built to customer specification, not left gathering dust in a warehouse, but also is precision injection moulded down to the exact gram needed. What this means is that whilst most other furniture companies may use pre-made foam that loses its shape and volume (sometimes up to 30%) over time, Himolla guarantee they only use the best foam by making it in their own factory, with their own specific formula, in precision made moulds specific to each piece of furniture. This increases the life of their sofas, chairs and stools by up to 5 times and ensures they won’t deflate over time leaving you with sad looking furniture that no longer offers support or comfort.