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Duresta VS. Mass Market Furniture?

Duresta Luxury Furniture Banner

Insight provided by Robin Sampson – Lenleys Furniture Expert & Duresta Trained Specialist

When it comes to furniture there are numerous reasons why you should choose luxury over discount. Here we explore just a few reasons why Duresta furniture is superior to cheaper, mass market furniture, and what to look for when you’re shopping.

Solid Wood Frame

It’s easy to forget the inner workings of a sofa when they’re upholstered in a pretty fabric case, but it’s important that you pay attention to what’s inside as well as out.

Lots of low (and sometimes high) end furniture manufacturers will use MDF and soft timber to build much of their sofas, perhaps with one solid piece of hardwood holding the frame together. What happens over time is that the MDF and the soft timber can begin to warp under the weight of constant
usage, and place more and more strain on the hardwood.

Duresta build their sofas from solid beech and tulip wood, as you can imagine, this increases the overall strength of the furniture many times over. Having a sturdy, solid wood frame means the furniture won’t warp and change shape over time. This creates the perfect foundation for your seating.

Duresta Joint Quality

Quality Joints

Duresta create an ultra-strong joint between every piece of their hardwood frames. They firstly hand fit dowels, then glue the joints and finally screw the wood together. Compare this to normal chain store quality furniture where the joints are made of poor quality wood to start with, and then simply glued and stapled together. Over time these fixings will loosen, and as the wood warps the joints will be pushed further and further apart.

Duresta Coil Sprung Quality Seating

Coil Sprung Seating

As you can see from the photo above, Duresta use a coil sprung mechanism within their furniture. In run of the mill furniture you may find something like a serpentine or zig zag spring. The difference here is that the zig zag design is flat and provides comfort only through surface tension, and only when you sink below the surface of the cushion. With the Duresta design, the coiled springs are spread over a strong but lightweight mesh, the mesh provided strength and horizontal support whilst the coils provide added vertical cushioning. This means you don’t have to sink below the surface to enjoy your comfort, your seating is responsive and your furniture stays looking healthy and sag free.

Duresta Fabric Fitting Qulaity

Fabric Matching

Ever wonder how fabric is matched perfectly from the back cushions, to the arms, to the seats, and even underneath them? Well, it takes a lot of careful planning, assessing the style, thickness and pile of the material, or even how it’s affected by light. A template must then be made to show the exact lengths of fabric needed for each separate section, and it is calculated how the patterns will meet seamlessly throughout the piece.

When we talk about patterned furniture it’s easy to have a flashback to the garish, frumpy sofas of the 80’s and 90’s. Duresta however, create stunning fabric work, masterfully hand matched over days. Their designs go from understated and classic to vibrant and bold. Duresta has a brilliant relationship with the national Trust, allowing their design teams access to study beautiful classic furniture from stately homes, manors and castles across Britain.

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