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Whilst not to be considered at the exclusion of a great quality bed frame, a mattress can be seen to be the most important part of any bed, followed closely by great quality pillows and bedding. A great mattress is a vital component of a great night’s sleep, and at Lenleys we want to ensure that we provide you with a great choice of mattresses for all tastes, whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress, so that your bed is complete and will provide you with the most comfort possible.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes for an ideal mattress, with some people preferring a firmer mattress and others softer, but one thing that tends to be universally agreed on is that the quality of a mattress is a very important factor, so at Lenleys we only sell mattresses of the highest quality. To ensure that this is the case we have partnered with some of the biggest and brightest names in mattress design and manufacturing in Britain and the rest of the world.

Below you’ll find links to the range of mattresses that we have available at Lenleys, and each mattress has been designed and manufactured by a variety of respected manufacturers such as Vispring, Harrison Spinks, Dunlopillo and more. Many of the mattresses that we have available at Lenleys can be purchased either individually or as part of a set.