After Sales Service

Lenleys always aim to provide customer satisfaction and work hard to try to achieve this. We are a family owned business, supplying quality home products. We have a dedicated after sales care team who are ready to assist you should the need arise. Our experienced team ambition is to resolve any issues with as little fuss as possible. We realise returning customers are an important part of our continued success.

Please contact

Phone: 01227 766655

Our aim is to respond as quickly as possible, and certainly within 2 working days. Photographs are an excellent way to help show us the issue and expedite a resolution, please attach to an email.

Helpful points about emailing images:

  • Ensure the image/s are as clear as possible and not too close to the item.
  • Take more than one picture from different positions so we can see the item and understand the position of any problem within that product.
  • Include your full name and order reference or postcode.
  • Advise Lenleys of your preferred method of contact i.e. Phone, Email or Post.
  • When saving and naming an image use spaces rather than dots in the title i.e. sofa 12 01 15
  • Attach image/s as a Jpeg, the dot between the title and jpg is automatic, any other dots may prevent your any email arriving at Lenleys due to anti-spam filters.
  • Total image/s size for an email should not exceed 10MB, the best size is around 1MB per image.
  • The screen print below shows how an ideal email would look