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About Us

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Lenleys is a Canterbury based furniture studio, displaying furniture from some of the world’s leading designers and craftsmen. If you’re looking for fresh, vivid, evocative glamour with modern practicality, or perhaps you’re a romantic traditionalist with a penchant for classic themes, Lenleys furniture experts can help realise your dreams.

Whether you’re adding a touch of luxury to your dining room, faced with a daunting blank canvas or you’re starting a commercial endeavour Lenleys can help manage your project, offer expert advice and ensure that your vision doesn’t get lost along the way.

Calligaris Display at Lenleys


With a vast choice of sofas and chairs our upholstery ranges from the fashionable, stylish and contemporary to the classic, practical and homely. Whether you prefer top grade leather or fine textured fabric, our upholstery exudes dedicated, patient craftsmanship that’s determined to provide the comfort and functionality you desire. With today’s technology we can help you create bespoke seating using our in store configurator, providing endless customisation and versatility with all the functionality you need, coupled with intricate, detailed design, colour and luxurious comfort.

Natuzzi Italia Upholstery

Beds and Mattresses

The Lenleys bed department is renowned for offering the world’s most premium beds and mattresses. You only have to walk around our showroom to see we take your sleep very seriously. Your nights should be tranquil and peaceful and once you lie down on a Lenleys mattress you’ll realise how easy it is to regain control of your rest.

Our buyers seek out the best in traditional and state of the art mattress design so you can make the best informed choice. Whether it is classic pocket spring, high tech micro coils, or one of the new scientific foam designs, you will be able to decide what type suits you the best. And it doesn’t just end with the most comfortable bed. We know that the bed design, the headboard or bed frame sets the style of the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for rustic and simple, refined and striking, glamourous and elegant or a blend of traditional or contemporary, we’re confident we can help you find it.

Lenleys Bed Department

Our Buyers

Our furniture experts travel throughout Europe not only to acquire the highest quality, luxury furniture, but to learn how it’s made, who it’s made by and exactly what benefits it can provide to our customers. Our buying team keep a close eye on new developments and innovations as well as what’s in vogue and fashionable so we can help you layer colours and patterns into sophisticated interiors and create a beautiful, functional home.

Fine Fabrics and Curtains

Windows and Flooring

If you’re looking to add some flair and colour to your room, or you’re working from a more neutral palette, our Soft Furnishings department can offer endless designer fabrics and textures. We’ll help you match them specifically to your home, plus we can design and create curtains, blinds and awnings in any style you desire.

When it comes to flooring we have both the products and the expertise to provide you the right floor for the style of home you want to own. It could be luxuriously soft British wool carpets, or bold designer textured carpets. Or you might prefer hard wood or tiled floors to create both a sophisticated but practical statement throughout your home. Our flooring experts will be able to give you the right advice and have the proper skills to make it happen.

Lenleys Flooring and Carpets

Specific to You

Every space is different and that’s why we offer consultation, measuring, quotation and installation for almost all bespoke purchases, such as: carpets, wood floors, laminates, tiles, designer and hard flooring, curtains, blinds and awnings. Our expert team will be able to guide you from start to finish, ensuring your project, whether small or large, runs as smoothly as it should.

Bespoke House Furnishing

Accessories and Lighting

It’s important to have originality in the home, and to create a versatile, beautiful space that reflects your own style, interests and personality. For exquisite finishing touches visit our accessories section, where you’ll find original art work, mirrors, objet d’art, clocks, and a wide selection of gifts. Whatever the situation give yourself the flexibility of finding the perfect ambience with our sophisticated lighting solutions. You can choose from fashionable designer, modern sleek, or timeless classic lighting to suit your project.

Lenleys Accessories


All our orders are regularly tracked and updates are advised keeping you informed of their progress. Every order is delivered directly to Lenleys, and carefully stored while we contact you to arrange delivery. We know the importance of making careful and successful deliveries to the customer. Deliveries in our area are carried out directly by our delivery teams, whilst out of area deliveries may be carried out by one of our specially selected distribution partners. In any event the specially trained distribution teams will be highly skilled in handling large items of luxury furniture.

Lenleys Van

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Contact us by email or phone to receive personal and individual attention from our furniture experts. Better still visit our bright, spacious Canterbury showroom.